Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Car Playing Musical Instruments - I am not making this up!

Your Car Show Track of The Week has to be this awesome new Music Video for Needing/Getting from OK Go, made in partnership with Chevrolet. 

OK Go set up over 1000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles and outfitted a Chevy Sonic with retractable pneumatic arms designed to play the instruments.

The video took 4 months of preparation and 4 days of shooting and recording. There are no ringers or stand-ins; Damian from OK Go took stunt driving lessons. 

In case you're wondering, each piano had the lowest octaves tuned to the same note so that they'd play the right note no matter where they were struck. 

OK Go thank Chevy for believing in and supporting such an insane and ambitious project, and to Gretsch for providing the guitars and amps.

YourCarShow loves this video and the track, how can it not be our Track Of The Week?!

Hopefully Damian will be on the show soon to talk about the video with the guys from OK GO!

Friday, 16 March 2012

All New Porsche Boxster but is it an Improvement?

Fans of two-seat mid-engined sports convertibles will be delighted to see Porsche unveil the All New Boxster at Geneva 2012.

This video contains some fabulous shots of the "more masculine" entry level #Porsche along with an explanation of the new car from Hans-Jurgen Wohler, the manager of the Boxster product line.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

F1 for fleas!!!!

Now all they need to do is make a really tiny engine. And a really tiny driver, although I think @NickHeidfeld will fit hahahahahaha!!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Welded Diffs, Doughnuts and Drifts

In January Your Car Show went to Brands Hatch with The Real Gran Turismo to experience their drifting academy.

Join Nick from @Real_GT live on the show Monday 12th March from 6pm